Tuesday, September 11, 2007

After Hours

Met up with Paul, Mark, Matt, and 2 other guys whos names I've already forgotten (yeah I'm horrible with names) last night for a little single speed / fixie fun. We headed out of town, up to Ada Haden and then just did some easy riding. I got to test out my new Night Rider Sol light that I won a week or so ago. It is pretty sweet. The battery mounts under the stem and the whole system is super compact. However, it is super bright and throws out a real wide beam pattern, something my other bar lights don't do. It sure is a welcome addition to my light arsenal.

On the way back, Matt got a flat on his fixie so we had to improvise. I pulled the bike with the flat the rest of the way through town, while Mark rode on the handlebars of his bike. To drivers it prolly looked like I was running away with his bike while he was about 100 feet back trying to catch up. Good times. Get out and ride!

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Paul Varnum said...

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