Friday, August 17, 2007

If you get this.....

If you laugh at this picture you know you're a bit of a nerd....or at least an engineer who is feverishly looking for a career, is running on caffeine and laughs at almost anything.

I've been getting in some alright riding in the past week, nothing like a month ago, but oh well, time to get myself a real job so I can actually replace broken parts instead of using so much duct tape. As a result of my reduced riding, from time to time I feel like a bit of a lazy bum. However tonight I think I am heading to the fair....nothing will make you feel more in shape compared to the general population than going to a fair ........and just looking around at all the fine specimens of fitness that tend to flock there......I wonder if a deep fat fried snickers bar would make a good race fuel???

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