Monday, June 25, 2007

Night Ride

Sorry for the late notice, but plug in your lights and lets go riding. I'm up at the East parking lot at Peterrsons at about 9:00 tomorrow (Tuesday) night. Nothing too hard, just some good night riding at Petersons and maybe even McFarland??? Come on up??

Also, I think I'm riding up from town with a trailer in tow carring some refreshments for after the ride, anyone else interested in the same??!

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Paul Varnum said...

Forget bringing the trailer and cooler. If we can make it to my place (just north of McFarland, next to the church, on the way to Sopher's Mill) I've got more beer in the fridge than I can drink.

I'll meet you at East Peterson's lot around 9:00. We'll go to my place for beers after that. It would be cool to have you guys stop out.

What kind of beer do you prefer?