Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Don't strain yourself!!

Yesterday I got in two good rides totaling about 4.5 hours of saddle time. I went for a 3 hour ride on my own around the East and North sides of Cincinnati and the surrounding countryside......Beautiful area!!! I saw way too many houses that look way too much like small rich people, I mean.....a gator just to get the mail may be a bit over the line......No joke, I saw someone walk out their front door, drive a gator a good 300 ft to the mailbox and back again to the house, Too much exercise at one time must be bad for you!!

When Tam got home from work we headed out to East Fork state park to fill out singletrack fix for the day. We rode for about an hour an a half on some nicely flowing singletrack. As it got dark we found some northshore stunts to play around on. The fact that it was just about dark made it just a bit more interesting!!

Tam on the teter.....kinda

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