Thursday, May 3, 2007

Fart Lick....What??

Today I left the house with one goal in mind, to throw down a good fartlek ride. What the heck is that?? Fartlek is a type of workout where you are constantly varying your speed and intensity (Think little kids running around). I used to do fartlek runs back in my clean shaven triathlon days and they are a great tool to use. So, I simply apply the same principals to riding.

I like to do them in suburbia where I have no clue how to get around and can easily get lost. This never ending hell of curving streets named after dead trees gives me a virtual playground in which to constantly play with my speed and intensity. Some hills I would stand and crank, some I would sit and spin, I would randomly pick mailboxes to sprint to, or signs to spin get the idea. The curving street of these sub-divisions keeps you turning and twisting and getting lost. Oh well, the point is to always be changing your speed at completely random times, to keep your legs guessing what is next. Forget your structured intervals, they don't belong here.

So, after about 2 hours and seeing way too many expensive houses crammed way too close together I had my fill and headed back home. It was a good workout for a crappy/rainy day!

Only one more final left tomorrow morning then I'm outta here!! (That of course is figure of speech because I have no job and will be at my Apt for a while)

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