Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Global Warming Took The Day Off

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Well, You all know that it's snowing outside right now, so I won't bitch about that! Even though it snowed today, the forcast for the next few days is looking better. It's supposed to clear up tomorrow and warm up through the weekend...I'm keeing my fingers crossed.
Anyway, I headed out this afternoon for some climbing and leg speed work. There is a gravel hill a few miles from my house that is fairly steep and then flattens out a bit at the top. It takes about 45-50 seconds to climb the steep part and then another 50 or so seconds to get to the end of the hill itself. If I shift down a few gears when the hill flattens out I can simulate a longer hill. I prefer to do a ladder series where I shift down a cog every 2 sets until I get down to the middle ring and the 11 in the back, which really makes the legs scream twards the top. Then I bring it back down in the same way.
Lastly, I finish up by working on my leg speed on a nearby rolling section of road by doing superspins on the backsides of the rollers and keeping a real fast tempo going up. This usually fries my legs, so then I cool down on the way back home and cook myself some dinner. That's all for now. Peace.

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