Thursday, March 8, 2007

Soggy Socks

I headed outside today to take advantage of the warmer temps. I left my leg warmers at home and rolled with only knee warmers and no shoe covers. Things were great for the first hour until I hit a puddle that was about 6 inches deeper than I was expecting....I got a good blasting on both my legs. There is no feeling like that of cold water running down your legs, into your shoes and all the way to your toes, completely soaking them. I made it home after some more good hill work, but my toes were ice blocks. I was even rocking the new fenders that the brother gave me for my birthday, but they were no match for the mother of all puddles. Ah well.

In other news, I bought $670.28 worth of groceries last night for our trip to Moab, Nobody goes hungry on Outdoor Rec trips that's for sure. Things are coming together quite nicely, some of the other trips take off tomorrow, so I'm sure I'll be lending a hand getting all the gear loaded so people can head off to the Rio Grande, Big Bend, Redwoods Nat’l, Park, and San Diego. So, many trips, so little time. Anyway, I'd better get some shut eye before I get up to ride in the morning before all the fun starts for the day....Peace


Paul Varnum said...

It sounds like you are off to Moab already. In case you aren't, I'll be at the north lot of Ada Hayden at 8:30 tomorrow morning for a couple of hours of pavement.

Carney said...

Oooo, yeah, I'm taking of at 5:30 AM...I'll catch ya another time though...thanks for the offer, but I'll be riding in 70+ weather!

Paul Varnum said...

I figured. Next time.