Thursday, February 8, 2007

Life with a cast

My top of the line ergonomic & therapeutic custom grip for use with my cast

My custom taylored fingernail clippers

I am getting used to riding with my cast even though it hinders many everyday activities. I can ride a trainer without to much difficulty, so training has been pretty good. I had a good hour and a half of spinning today and felt great. I had some good form work with plenty of high RPM spins and lots of one leg work. Nothing brings out imperfections in your petal stroke like one leg sping, and nothing fixes them better. Onlt 13 days until the cast comes off....not like I'm keeping track or anything.

The Bike World roller race should be interesting this weekend. I havent been on rollers with the cast, but I will transfer my high tech grip over to my TT bike for the race and I should be good to go....Peace Out

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