Sunday, January 14, 2007

White Goodness!!!

To celebrate the white powdery goodness that was outside waiting for me this morning I went for an hour XC ski ride at the cross country course and got some good healthy leg burn going. The snow was a little thin, but thanks to the freezing rain last night even the grass was slippery. I had a good time skiing around and getting a good workout in. I then came back home which consists of walking across the street and then geared up for a gravel grinder ride up to Ada Haden park North of Ames. I got pretty cold going into the wind on the way there, but once I turned around it was all good. I spent 90 minutes in the saddle at a real good tempo. A few slick spots, but overall, I can not complain for riding in the middle of January. It even started to snow while I was riding which gives you the "I am riding in crappy weather" energy boost. Peace Out.

Bike Path at Ada Haden

Good clean fun

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