Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Breck 68

Halfway through my Durango binge I decided to pull the trigger on racing the Breck 68 this past weekend. Sure, there are plenty of reasons why I shouldn't have, lots of built up fatigue, I'm need to move before the end of the month, but the 100 is one of my favorite races and I just couldn't bear to miss it, so I played the middle ground figuring that I could race the 68 and be fine. As it turns out, I was quite snappy for the first 2 hours and then, snap crackle pop go the legs. After that I just motored along and finished up the day with a 5th place finish in a pretty deep SS field. Looking at my splits, I rode how I was expecting considring the weeks prior. Now, it's just all downhill until CTR.

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