Friday, May 27, 2011

Donate to Race

This year I snagged a entry into the Bailey 100 (June 18th for all you calendar minded people) and it's run a tad different than most events. First off, it's a second year event. Secondly, it's run by a non-profit so the funds raised go to 3 separate cycling initiatives in Colorado (Trips for Kids Denver/Boulder, Colorado High School Cycling League, and Kids on Bikes) as well as, the Colorado Mountain Bike Association.  Pretty cool eh? 

Each racer is required to donate to the event in order to gain entry which is where this post comes in. I'm personally donating so that I can race and support some cool initiatives, however I figured I would open it up to the blog-o-world as well. So if you would like to donate and support youth cycling in CO, click HERE to donate and your donation will go towards my fundraiser effort as well as the great initiatives mentioned above. There needs to be more events like this, cycling supporting cycling!

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