Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Growing up, my brother and I were pretty dang lucky, we had a river in our backyard, lots of space and trees to play in, and a thirst for being outside long past dark.  Granted, lashing platforms together high up in trees probably gave our parents more than a few headaches, however we had lots of room to roam and we made the most of it. Now-a-days we have slightly larger playgrounds and use different mechanisms to explore, but the need to see what's over that next ridge or what's behind that next bend is as strong as ever.

Over the weekend we were at it again outside of Breckenridge in an area we both know pretty well on singletrack during the summer months. However winter has a way of drastically altering the landscape and travel paths. That change opens up new perspectives of the area and it's potential for fun.

What we both knew as a steep rocky slope is all of a sudden the perfect playground for the afternoon.

We spent our time poking around areas both above and below treeline and just when we thought we found a new area we would stumble upon a familiar landmark or abandoned mining shack we knew from the summer and put two more mental puzzle pieces of the landscape together.

Get out and play.


sarah virginia said...

I love me some carney brothers. wonderful post!!

Matt said...

You guys are the anchor of our new ski team offshoot from BWR - Big Pole Skiing.