Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sliding through Christmas

Spent the long Christmas weekend with family up in my Brothers neck of the woods. I recently picked up some new skis, and seized the opportunity of being up in Summit to get in 4 long days of sliding around trying to figure out how to turn with free heels. The brother is a bona fied ski bum this winter so keeping up with him kept me on my toes and my legs screaming for mercy. I spent 3 days at A Basin remembering how steep some runs are (I haven't been on skis wider than skate skis in 2 years). However, on Christmas day, we took advantage of having a shuttle (parents) and skied some laps on Loveland Pass under a perfect blue bird sky. Great way to spend Christmas I'd say.


I have a feeling that my bikes will be collecting a some dust.


Chris said...

they make these things called skins so you don't have to boot pack. makes life a little easier in the backcountry. let me know if you want to explore cameron on skis.

Ben Welnak said...

sweet pics!