Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Game Time

 Moab '08

Over the past 3 weeks since Vapor Trail I've been in full on recovery mode.  I actually stayed home for all three weekends which practically doubled my weekends at home since March and allowed for some much needed rest. During that rest, I held a consult session with Lynda to nail down a plan both for the weeks leading up to Moab as well as a plan for the race itself. A concrete plan leads to confidence and I'm ready to roll this weekend. I also had a good amount of body work done with the ladies down at Old Town Yoga.  It's amazing how much pain a 100 pound girl can inflict on fatigued legs! I'm packed, stoked, rested, and ready to flow this weekend so hopefully I'll be doing plenty of grinning...

Moab '08

If you're the follow along at home type, live results should be posted HERE starting at Noon on Saturday.

Game on.


john said...

Tell me/us about that jersey? Looks familiar to this Iowan?

Mike said...

That is the MOB jersey! The last of the Team 14 / MBWC designs. Paul Varnum came up with it after Thad Neil took a hiatus from leading the team. They were based out of Webster City and Ames mostly.

On another note, kill it this weekend Andrew. Good Luck.

Former Team 14 member

Unknown said...

well i like these kind of full and functioning ones with high durability and speed....
well man good luck for this and keep posting