Monday, March 22, 2010

Goodbye dirt, hello pavement

Last weeks warm spell went out the window on Friday (along with any hopes of riding dirt this weekend) when Ma Nature decided we needed more snow.  Granted it was back in the 40's on Saturday and 50's on Sunday but dirt was out of the question.  So, to take advantage of the brothers last day in town for his spring break we got in a climb heavy 4 hours on Saturday and got to the Amtrak station with 6 minutes to spare.

Sunday, after a slow morning and roughly 1.5 french presses, Sarah and I saddled up and headed up to Estes and beyond via the scenic route for a shade under 6 hours of moving time. Looks like someone is "training" again...

Sarah has her eye on something rather epic race this summer, so it looks as if I have a riding partner for awhile. 

Estes was clear and surprisingly warm. However we just stopped long enough to fill bottles and fill up on burritos. 

Pumpkin bread break at mile 80? Yeah why not?


Matt said...

Fenders rock.

Charlie Litchfield said...

Gorgeous view man. Looks amazing!