Wednesday, December 16, 2009


What is focus? Desire? Drive? Discipline? Is it the relentless pursuit of a singular goal no matter how lofty, or just simply the ability to get up at 6am to train your weaknesses when its dark and freezing outside? The 2 months or so post Moab my focus was a bit off after a long summer of rather intense ....err...focus. My bike love is stronger than ever, but I desperately needed some non-structure. No chest straps, no powermeters, no plan. Just riding to ride. I just needed to feel the chill air, feel my chest tighten and breath shorten on a climb, feel the concentration just before a technical section, feel the fatigue after a long day. I needed no distractions.

That time has come and gone and now the desire is back and the flames are burning higher than ever. I have some big ideas for the next few years and the gears are turning. But for now, time to focus.


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Focus can come later. Enjoy yourself!