Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mid week adventuring

Wednesday the workplace closed up shop for Veterans day, so I did the only logical thing and packed for an epic day of riding. Colorado Springs was the destination, and since I was going with an ex-local, I knew nothing of the planned route except that we were heading above 10K and it might be a bit damp.....

We started with loads of rail grade climbing

We found the first snow of the day.

Then it got deeper.

But, it was mostly rideable....for now.

Around 10,200 we found our goal trail and it looked.....slow.

10K, snow, soaked feet, setting sun, smile on the face - check.

Still hiking

Uphill slog.


Below about 8.5K things dried up and some amazing trails followed. Flow galore, which means lack of pictures.

Finished up the day with Captain Jack (I believe) and rolled to the car just past dark thirty. Good times.


brian stevens said...

Looks like you did Frosty's loop A lot of the CTS coaches like to do that ride, I remember that ride from when my wife was an intern at CTS. Great photos of some great rides, Captain jacks is a blast! Lots of good long MTB rides in the Springs.

brigo said...

love the pic's man truly stunning, wish we had mountains like that in UK