Monday, June 29, 2009

Firecracker pre-ride, Colorado Trail, Snowbanks, and lots O' flow

That pretty much sums up the weekend. Saturday morning, the brother and I headed out of Dillon early and spun on dirt and pave over to Breckenridge to meet up with some folks for a pre-ride of the Firecracker course. Those in attendance besides Carney Bro's Inc. were Jeff "my shoes match my bike and your's don't" Kerkove, Looney, Dejay Birtch and Rebecca Tomaszewski of Niner, Jake Kirkpatrick, and John Adamson all the way from Iowa. So after a breakfast of coffee and coffee cake (see a theme here?) we rolled out of town.

The pace was chill, so between lots of "uh, I think the course goes this way" moments, there was lots of stopping and chatting.

Word to the wise: If Looney says to go "this" way.....Go "that" way! :)

Blowdown trees added a little bit O' spice to the loop.

After finishing the loop we all parted ways, but the brother and I wanted some more hours so we hit up Coldstone for some fuel, and headed back out on the Colorado Trail up towards Georgia Pass.


Who really can complain about climbing when the trail is as buff as this?

Ok, time for some down.

We ended the day with a little over 7 hours of moving time, 8K climbing and right at 70 miles of which 60 were on dirt...not bad! Afterwards, we destroyed an all you can eat salad bar before cashing in for the night.

Sunday.....more of the same...

We started with some climbing

Plenty of cookie breaks

Some occasional walking....mostly through snow

Ok, so we got turned around by snow just below 12k.

Which lead to walking back through the same snow

And lots of decending.

Another good weekend in the books!


Jeff Kerkove said...

Don't be hate'n the shoes yo! ;)

Matt said...

Oh man, looks like you guys are killing it in the high country! I have got to get up to elevation and soon!