Monday, May 11, 2009


Yesterday, Dave and I headed up high for some recon on Donner Pass and the surrounding area. It was a fun day of, pushing through snow, hike-a-bikes, snow, fog, and good trails.

We started off with some climbing.

Then we found some snow.

Higher yet.

Things got steeper and deeper.

Coming back down - some spots were deeper than others, sometimes we made it through, sometimes not.

More descending.

On one of the descents Dave overcooked a corner and nearly hit a tree before endo-ing to a stop at then edge of a little drop off - Check out his skid mark in the photo!

Another good weekend in the books.


Andy said...

Okay so I've heard the song twice now on your videos, what song is this?

Carney said...


Phoenix Specialized Dealer said...

Well at least you didnt have to eat each other on your ride over Donner!