Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What did you ride today?

Here's a slice of my Wednesday.

And here's some of my one handed riding/video taking skills in action.

Other than Short Track last night and some easy laps tonight, I have a pretty chill week as far as riding goes. I'm heading to Nathrop this weekend for MSC #2, Chalk Creek Stampede, and racing both the XC on Saturday and the STXC on Sunday. The weather however, looks a bit on the sketchy side with a chance of rain/snow on both days. Who knows though - the weather has ADD round these parts! Also, all of the short high intensity riding I've been putting in the last few weeks has deffinatly been paying off but looking at such small weeky ride hours on my training log is a bit odd. Higher intensity has deffinatly been missing from my riding the past few years and I'm looking forward to the Front Range 50 next weekend to see how my finish time stacks up against last years. I should see a HUGE improvement!


Charlie Litchfield said...


Please tell me that you were not holding that camera with one hand and steering with the other...


Carney said...

You know it!

I have heath insurance now - HA

Wendler said...

Amazing Pictures!