Thursday, April 16, 2009

This 'n that

Not a whole lot going on this week - lots of resting and foam roller time.....Mmmm foam rollers! Anyway, provided the sketch weather that's predicted for tomorrow doesn't keep me at home, I'll be racing in Fruita on Saturday and Sunday at the first MSC event. The schedule calls for an offroad TT on Saturday and an XC on Sunday, time to rev the engine! Also, time to pack everything in to my tiny go-cart of a car again and hope the snowplows do their job.

I also put on a fresh set of tires for the weekend. Kenda is a BWR sponsor this year and admittedly I've never used their tires, so I'm excited to test a few of them out. Feedback to follow as I put in some hours and rail some turns in them.


Tom Purvis said...

Kenda tires are I think the best 29" offerings nowadays. Not sure if I can remember that you're swinging that way (29), but I like two Tomac specials: Nevegals are the goto for hardcore front tire action. SB8 are the goto fast-rolling race tire. On my around-town grocery getter (mid-90s steel stumpjumper with milk crate on rear rack) sports the K-Rads. Best pavement roustabout tire EVER.

Travel Gravel said...

Hey Andrew! I read your comment on Squirrel's blog and I cannot believe that we both know Joyce Bricker! How does that happen? Must be some credibility in the 7 Degrees of Separation thing. Keep on ridin'! Later!

Matt said...

It's dry down should make a trip next weekend.