Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mission who hurls first

Met up with JK, Jason, Joe Saperstein, and Aaron Potts today for a hard 4 hour dirt sesh. I was stoked to open the throttle a bit but my legs weren't quite all there. I didn't feel crappy, I just didn't feel great. Either way, we rolled out of town and into Horsetooth and Lory parks and hit up lots of singletrack. We finished the day with just over 4 hours and 5500 feet of climbing. I only snapped one picture as we were rolling on the road (which is lame for a mtb ride), but, never fear, I stole some from JK.

Here, Joe explains the ins and outs of his previous career - cycling kit modeling.

I'm diggin'

Our track for the day

Vert profile

I heard the other day that so far this year we've only recieved 1/4 inch of precipitation in the Fort. We need some rain BAD - the trails are super dusty..... as in like, middle of August dusty. Hopefully, it'll only rain on my off days and when I'm outta town though.