Thursday, January 15, 2009

Puzzle Pieces

I have some big events on the 2009 horizon and that means I need to do some upgrading in both my equipment and my training. So, one item that was in dire need of an upgrade was my 5 year old antiquated GPS unit. The old brick did what it needed to do - kinda - sometimes - and as long as your expectations were never too high. So, enter gizmo upgrade #1. This unit pretty much fits my bill to the T and I'm looking forward to the increased compatibility with Topofusion.

On the training front - I'm stepping things up a notch this year and recruiting the knowledge of an expert in the form of Fascat Coaching and Jason Hilimire. I'm looking forward to the guidance of a coach instead of my usual training methods. Having an educated eye on my progress will be a welcomed change and I'm stoked to see the results.


Anonymous said...

how much was that unit?

did you look at the garmin 705?

Carney said...

Check out GeoMan - lots of good prices. I have taken a look at the 705 and it's sweet, but for what I'll use it for the 60 series fit the bill best - and the screen is larger so I can see it when I'm cracked outta my scull :)

Julie said... training = pro long is it going to take?

Matt said...

Let me know if you need the logo fix-up for the kit.