Saturday, January 3, 2009

Crusin' with Looney

Met up with Looney (who, by the way, is full of lies :) ) today for a planned 5 hours of dirt. Well, it turned into something like 6+ hours but conditions were perfect for shredding some singletrack and Looney only hallucinated a little bitty bit due to lack of callories so it was an all around good day on the bike. We hit up the good section of Blue Sky before heading back to Horsetooth to get out of the wind. In Horsetooth we rode some of my favorite trails which were all in exceptional shape. I for some reason was clearing crazy lines left and right.....until I hit a rogue root and flew over the bars. I had to rely on some ninja skills to land on my feet. Anyway, we made it back to town just before starvation kicked in and rabbits started to look tasty. 1000 callories of peach O's and snickers later, I spun home. All told it was a good day in the saddle and hopefully tomorrow will hold more of the same.

Below the Tooth in Horsetooth

Looney is so fast she's a blur

Rockin on Wathen


Anonymous said...

Thanks buddy! wooop woop!

Unknown said...

looks like a blast!

Matt said...

Nice! Always awesome to hit the dirt when you've been away from it.