Saturday, January 31, 2009

All I had was one match and I lit it with a blowtorch

Hit up the Oval ride today - It may have appeared that I was on a road bike - but it felt like I was pushing one of these through wet concrete. Not cool! Opening miles were interesting as one fella hit the pavement at around 25 mph, I'm still not sure what caused it but it certainly caused plenty of "oh shit" moments for everyone else. I locked my wheels up, some folks launched into the ditch Lance Armstrong style, others bunny hopped water bottles at speed. I made it to the wall before getting caught in the 2nd group up the climb and then blew myself up trying to get back to the main pack once over the top. Then I caught a bad stoplight and that was it for me - it was a fireworks show! But I soon met up with some others including the world famous Looney bin and we all cruised home - good day on the bike overall!

No pictures, but here's the power file - although it's nothing special.

Nap time.

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