Monday, January 26, 2009

12 Hours of Temecula

Racing in January - I'm in

Southern California racing - even better

I got out of Colorado for the weekend for my first race of '09. The gun went off at 9am on Saturday and I was stoked to be riding hard. I spent the first few hours pinning it on the super fun 9 mile course which had around 1300 ft of climbing. Each lap had a great mix of singletrack and jeep road with plenty of shorter punchy climbs as opposed to the usual long sustained climbs found in most Colorado races. After a few hours I settled into a groove and kept clicking out laps. Around the 7 hour mark I found a second wind and from then on I'm fairly sure I had a perma grin plastered on my face - I was having a so much fun cranking and my legs felt great. I finished the day with 13 laps and was just a few minutes short of being able to go out for #14 - which I would of in a heartbeat because I was having so much fun. However, 13 laps was good enough for first overall in mens expert. Can't ask for a better start to the year than that!

Huge thanks to Matt and Jeni for inviting me along and helping during the race!

Hopefully I'll have some pics in the next few days.


ojulius said...

Great having you along for the trip. We'll have to do it again soon!

Anonymous said...

Good job badass!!

Unknown said...


Paul said...

Incredible Andrew! Great job!