Saturday, December 6, 2008


Today temps hit the mid 50's so naturally I spend the day on my bike. I met up with Sonya and Jeff for some road miles (Jeff must of been a little confused because he showed up with knobby tires). We headed out of town, through Masonville, over stove prairie, and down Poudre Canyon. Good easy spinnin'.

Don't let the snow fool ya, temps were warm and I spent 90% of the day in short sleeves workin on my tan!

JK had a pin-it-until-ya-cant-feel-your-teeth workout to do but we met back up heading down the Poudre before stopping at Teds Place for massive emergency calorie intake.

Me likey da cookie!!

Tomorrow - more saddle time


Anonymous said...

Yeah! I actually WAS cold in short sleeves though. :) I don't have skin on my arms like the back of an alligator - tough and freezer burn resistant. :) Thanks for the ride, Survivorman!

ojulius said...

Good luck with that farmer's tan, cookie monster.

Matt said...

My god that cookie foto is funny, and scary!

Be careful on those roads though - I learned last year that ice can mess you up. I broke 4 fingers after hitting an ice patch!

Anonymous said... that Banff film fest thing. Might have to share it if you don't mind. Nice cookie pic there cookie!

Carney said...

No worries! Here is their main site: