Sunday, November 30, 2008

Can you feel your hands??

I headed down to Boulder today to meet up with Jeff and Jason for some chilly miles. We headed west out of town and up into the hills. I don't exactly know where we rode because it was foggy and well, I've never ridden down there. Somewhere around 5400 ft of climbing on the day along with fog, cold, wind, snow, a crash, steep grunters, and a stop in Gold Hill to warm up by the fire.

Climbing in the fog somewhere outside of Boulder

Descending into Gold Hill....more fog

Warming up by the fire

Toward the end of the ride I got pretty cold. The kind of cold where you're not sure if you can pull the brakes because your fingers are useless ice sticks. All told, it was a good ride and I need to do some more riding down there. Lots of roads to be explored!

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Matt said...

I ordered me a set of Bar Mitts this weekend. Eff the cold!