Sunday, October 26, 2008

Veloswap and a Sunday stroll

Saturday I spent the day down in Denver with JK at Veloswap helping out at the Ergon booth and doing my part to spread the green fever. TONS of people and lots of grips sold!

So, you want grips eh?

This morning I headed out for a 4 hour ride in Horsetooth and Lory outside of town. The weather was a bit cool with temps in the low 40's. However, the sun was out, I had good tunes and steller trails, so I was havin' a grand ole time!

Audrea Culver trail up by the "tooth"

Snack break

Wathen awesomeness

Good day on the bike.

I'm hungry.


mtb05girl said...

Sweet pics!!

Anonymous said...

hey, can you get a TP1 cleat positioner from ergon? i'm having a bitch of a time finding the most comfortable spot from my new Crank Brothers cleats. thanks