Monday, August 4, 2008

More saddle time

Saturday I put the road bike to use, and got in a 95 mile ride up to Estes Park and the surrounding area. Nothing too exciting, however I did get sprinkled on a few times and managed to drink nearly 1/2 a gallon of chocolate milk in Estes. Why, you may ask? Because I was thirsty and it was crazy cheap. It was tasty.

Sunday, I headed out on the Yeti for a 75 mile ride. This time the skies really opened up on me and I got caught twice in downpours. At one point, lightning struck a power pole nearby and an electrical box exploded about 15 feet from me....that'll make the heart skip a beat!! I also found out two useful facts while riding in the rain.... 1) My rain jacket needs to be re-waterproofed again, and 2) The trial waterproofing job I tried on my pack....well, it didn't work. I was soaked to the bone twice. It turned out to be one of those rides where you go from cursing the heat, to being cold, wet, and shivering and back about 5 times. All told it was a good ride and I was throughly fried at the end. 13 hours in the saddle between Saturday and Sunday. Not bad.

Looking south from a spur trail off of Old Flowers

Also, I'm considering heading up here this weekend for a little race extra credit. Just some good old fashion fun.... hopefully my car is running by then...


Anonymous said...

Which one of those races are you considering?


Carney said...

Just the 6 hour, Depends on if I can convince Dave to be my pit man.