Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekend riding

Friday evening Dave and I managed to get in a few hours of night riding. Good times, however I need to upgrade my light system soon. My helmet light is fine for tight twisty singletrack like in good ole Iowa, but the faster open trails around here allow me to out run my beam pretty easily. Add another thing to the bike wish list.

Saturday we headed up to Horsetooth and got in about 4 hours between the trails in Lory and Horsetooth. We rode, Spring Creek, Wathen, Mill Creek, Timber, Howard, and many more. Lots of hard climbing and loads of super sweet singletrack. Good day. Here's some pictures of Saturday. I tried for some "Oooo that's purdy" shots of night riding, but no dice.

Dave in lower Horsetooth

Lory Park

Howard trail in Lory

More Howard

Somewhere up high in Lory

Time for bed.

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