Sunday, May 11, 2008

A sloppy 4 hours

Saturday morning I headed over to Seven Oaks, and true to form, once I arrived, it started to rain. After about 30 min the rain stopped, however the damage had been done. The original plan of a 3 and a 6 hour race was shortened to 2 and 4 hours, as well as a shorter rain course. At the start, I was first into the singletrack and didn't see anyone else until I began lapping people. The course was basically the loop of trail that is nearest the top of the ski hill, and I was easily putting in 14 min laps. Overall, my bike worked great, I only had to stop and clear mud out of the chainstays once. However, for the first 2 hours, I was basically using one water bottle per lap just for spraying the rear cassette and chain. As the race wore on, the trail got better and faster and I was still smiling while turning in consistent 14 min laps. Right at the finish, I put a lap on 2nd place, therefore finishing with 16 very muddy laps. 

Slippin & Sliding

Not quite as bad as Waverly last spring, but still rather impressive!

How to finish in style!

Overall, it was a great time. At the start I really wasn't motivated to ride in the cold and wet, but things picked up and I had fun. Thanks to everyone who put the race on!  


Jeff Kerkove said...

That last picture needs to be your new header. And you also need a cape. Maybe some lightening bolts coming out of your fists?

Paul said...


Sorry I wimped out. I should have at least gone out with Paul to the race. I just wasn't into riding out there in the mud.

Great job!!!