Sunday, May 18, 2008

More miles

Out the door today to meet up with Mr. Kerkove for an easy spin after yesterdays race effort. He had this crazy idea of maybe doing a 6 hour ride, and I thought...."yeah, alright, I'll give it a whirl". We first rode the Foothills trails around the north side of the reservoir to Lory and finally to Horsetooth Park. After some climbing on the fireroad, we finished the climb up to Horsetooth rock on the Wathen trail before rocketing back down via another fire road. Around this time my legs started to fade fast. We then opted out of heading to Bobcat ridge and it's brutal climb, and instead spun back towards town. On some of the final climbs around the reservoir I started to really feel the weekends saddle time. My HR started to jack itself too high and my legs got fairly heavy. We finished on the foothills trails and I got back to my apartment with 3:30 of saddle time. off!


Also, I'm planning on heading down to Gunnison for my next event. Things could change, but it looks too good to pass up....bring on the climbing.

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