Wednesday, April 2, 2008

So I've got this idea

Kokopelli Trail to Moab - 142 miles
To White Rim via Potash road - 35 miles
White Rim Trail - 110 miles
Back to Moab via either HY 313, Potash rd, or long canyon - 35 miles
Back to Fruita via KT - 142 miles

Total - 464 miles
I'm thinking 4-5 days

Most likely wont happen until this fall, but the wheels are turning!!

Hopefully in May I'll be hitting up KT with the the bro to do some gear testing and experimentation. Stay tuned....


Jeff Kerkove said...

That's crazy talk!

Carney said...

You want in??

half and half on the water camels??

Chris said...

You'll have to haul quite a bit of water but it's pretty doable as long as you resupply in Moab. It's pretty easily 4 days unless you want to go without sleep, then it could be done faster.

Chris said...

Also I'd say Fruita to Moab via KT, to WR via Potash, around WR, back out Potash but up Long Canyon, down Gemini to join up with the Rim Ride course, bottom of Poison Spider to town. From town head back via KT or if you really want some fun, join up to the Paradox and follow as much of the Grand Loop course as you're interested in doing...

Might as well not ride the same trails too many times :)

Carney said...

oooo, I like the idea of finishing on the GL course. Thanks for the input!

Grizzly Adam said...

Seems a little short to me, I prefer at least a billion miles in my routes.

Actually, this sounds fun. I might be able to join you for all or parts of it. Keep us posted!