Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Up 'n over

Threw a leg over the bike today and headed north of Fort Collins towards Rist Canyon. The wind was crazy today and threw a few 30+ mph gusts my way which almost blew me into the ditch. Once in the canyon the wind was better, but not gone all the way. Riding up Rist is tough in itself, but with a headwind the burn factor is bumped an 11!!

Lookin West at the top of Rist. The temps were a bit cooler up here than the 60's in town.

Once over rist I headed south (with the wind) and down towards Masonville. I've ridden this road several times going the other way and it is one of my favorites in the area. However, going the down is pretty sweet.....30+ mph for 15 miles on a twisty road!! Also, going down, I saw the signs marking the grades you climb while heading up....several 12%+ sections!

Rolled into Masonville with pretty spent legs and was going to cruise home, but I met up with another rider and we worked together and cranked the rest of the way to town around the south end of Horsetooth reservoir at a super fast pace. The wind had died down, sp we were able to take turns pulling at around 27 mph....feel the burn. Got back home with just over 3 hours of saddle time and 54 miles under the tires.

I like to play with maps...

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That's a pretty sweet map.