Sunday, March 23, 2008


Headed out today to do a bit of trail recon up in Horsetooth Mountain park. I started out by spinning on the front range trails on my way to the park. Once there, I rode up the 3 mile long towers road, and only hit a few damp spots, despite the light snowfall last night. After a quick map consult, I decided on the Spring Creek trail as my decent route because it was mostly south facing meaning it would be dry and snow free. I also saw a portion on the accent and it looked sweet! I wasn't disappointed. The trail starts in the trees and is just the right mix of rocks, flow, and even a few nice drops.

The lower portion of the trail dumps into a fairly deep valley before circling back around and meeting up with the towers road that I originally rode up. I'll be heading back up there again as soon as things continue to dry out so that I can hit up the many other trails in the many options!

Now it's time to get things tuned up for this weekends trip to Utah, and a little fun in the sun.

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Unknown said...

good luck this weekend brotha!!!