Monday, February 11, 2008

Bike Check

I built this bike up this past fall when I discovered that my old ghetto GT SS had a cracked frame. It's primarily used as a DJ/urban/skatepark bike, but it's also just a general use beat around SS. All in all, I love it and am very happy with the build. It's not completely finished because I still need to get a new disk front wheel so I can install a proper front brake....but, who am I bike is ever done. Big thanks to Marc for helping me choose the frame since I didn't know what to look for in this kind of bike and to Bike World for building me a sweet and bombproof rear wheel. Now...the nitty gritty..

Frame: DMR Sidekick
Fork: Manitau Black
Bar: Azonic Stripbar
Stem: Sette Stumpy with hollow star nut
Rear Hub: Surly New Disk
Front Hub: Paul (gotta love the orange)
Rear Rim: Halo Combat (36 hole)
Front Rim: Sun Ringle (36 hole)
Cranks: Shimano Deore
Pedals: Welgo
Bashguard: Santiam Bikes Ring God
Chain: Shimano SS
Freewheel: Shimano 16 tooth
Chainring: Salsa 32 tooth
Seatpost: Bargain bin
Seatpost Collar: Green Salsa Rim lock (gotta have some flair)
Saddle: Bargain bin (held on with duct tape and wire)
Rear Brake: Nashbar disk (160mm)
Front Brake: Avid rim....jimmy rigged
Tires: Retired Specialized roll X's
Grips: Old Specialized


Rat House Marc said...

i love the taped seat and hollow star nut. i need to find my way to fort collins this summer . . . .

Carney said...

Yeah, you should see the completely ghetto front brake I put on for something to do one night...pretty stylish!! And do need to get out this way!