Monday, October 22, 2007

Drop everything

Drop everything you are doing right now and GO and see Into The Wild. I just saw it last night in DM and without a doubt it will be one of the most moving films you will see in your entire life. I wrote a little bit about the book and movie awhile back, so I wont go into that again. However if you have any hint of of wanderlust inside yourself, you can relate to the movie. A few parts were so moving that I even had a tear in the corner of my eye. Without a doubt reading the book or seeing the movie will change the way you look at many things.....GET OUT AND SEE IT!!!!

In other news I went down to the Ankeny skate park today with my brother and a good friend Ryan. We rode for almost 4 hours and man am I beat. We all had some nice crashes. My brother had some hard falls while trying to land a manual, Ryan hurt his shoulder on a jump and I hit the deck hard and now have a big bruise on my left shin. We took some cool video so I'll try to get something put together here soon.

Get out and ride....and see that movie!!


mtb05girl said...

Hey thanks!!

Paul said...

I have been watching for this movie to come to Iowa and when I saw it on your site my wife and I drove down to Des Moines and checked it out. What a great flick!

I am sure you are reconsidering the job now huh!??! %^)

Carney said...

Well the job has kind of fallen through. Either way, i'm not taking the one in ohio. I have a few places out west that are looking pretty good as of now!!

Anonymous said...

Could you please give me your brothers name so I can give it to Campus police.
You see, the trail he built in Pammel Woods is illegal. If you noticed the signs posted outside of the woods Pammel Woods is a research station and preserve, not a mountain bike park.
I get so sick of psuedo-environmentalists like your type. If you had any guts, you'd repair the damage you've created. There are plenty of other places around Ames that are already designated riding areas, but I guess like most Iowans you don't see a "wild" place as any worth unless it's put to some use.
You don't have a clue as to the true meaning behind "Into the Wild".
So tell all of your buddies I'll be watching for them in the woods.

Carney said...

First off. I have never built any trails in Pammel woods, nor has my brother, so i don't know where you are getting your information, but it is absolutely false. The existing trails have been there longer than I have lived in Ames, and no that is not an excuse, however do not try to blame myself or my brother for building something we had no part of. And as for calling me a psuedo-environmentalist?? that is something you most likely don't want to get into. I have seen more of this countries wilderness areas than most people and truly believe in wilderness. Don't go accusing people of things you have no evidence of and lumping people into groups they are no part of. I'm sorry that you feel this way. Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Below you reference a ramp your brother built. I don't know how long you've lived in Ames, but there are extensive trails now built that weren't there even two weeks ago. Two years ago, the only existing trail was the one that linked Hyland and the cemetary plus a loop that went back to the north. Check out the northwest corner of the woods... trees cut down, trails excavated, stones dug up and piled for ramps. This wasn't here two weeks ago. Maybe you didn't do this, but if you ride on it you're guilty.
I often go into that section of woods. Yes it's in the middle of town near the rairoad tracks, but it was kind of like my own little slice of wilderness. No, its certainly not the mountain I used to climb behind my house in Montana, but it was enough for me.
I have also traveled to and lived in, fifteen years, the Rockies and Pacific Northwest. I believe I know your type. You hike, you bike, you drink microbrews.
Yes, Chris McCandless sp? sought adventure, but he was also seeking a place to get away from mankind and all of his destruction.

Carney said...

First off I spoke of a jump bike my brother built, not a jump. I am not aware of any tree cutting or anything in the NW corner of the woods. I'm sorry that you draw such quick conclusions about me, you do not know me and I do not know you. So I do not assume that you are a certain kind of person much less lump you in with a "type". I hope you can continue to enjoy Pammel.

And I am well aware of what Christopher McCandless was after.

Carney said...

Also, I do not drink microbrews...unless PBR and other cheep dirty beers are included.

I just spoke with a friend who has heard rumors of some people new to town cutting in trail in the NW corner as you described. Not my brother!

I also do not appreciate how you jumped to conclusions and blame either myself or my brother of doing something we are not even related to. I am also sorry that you stoop low enough as to make judgements on us when you do not even know us. As for us having guts and fixing the damage, I am not aware of any damage the existing jumps pose. The worst errosion dammage is on the pedesterian trail on the hill by the cemetary. Guts....try posting your name...afterall you started out looking for names without even having enough guts to post your own.


I'm sure I could assume plenty about you if I wanted to.

Rant mode off.

Anonymous said...

My name is Scot Schuckert. I'm a groundskeeper at Iowa State and part-time graduate student in landscape architecture.
As far as pointing fingers, by riding in Pammel Woods you're riding in what is deemed a preserve. There are signs posted, granted not so cleary, stating so. I would think as a forestry student you would know this.
I guess I do have a problem with mountain bikers who ride in areas that are not clearly designated as mountain biking areas. I see this as no different than snowmobiling in Yellowstone. You show all these pictures on your site of mountain biking in beautiful areas. Did you ever think of slowing down and walking... to actually see something?
I'm sorry for accusing you. When I googled Pammel Woods your site was one I found. I'm angry at what I discovered today. I'd think from the way you describe yourself you might be sympathetic.

Anonymous said...

I'd think from the way YOU describe YOURSELF, you might be less of a self-rightous hypocrite. Try at least getting your facts straight before presenting an argument you apparently think only has one side. And I've seen plenty from both the seat of a bike AND from walking. Enough time has been wasted on this silly argument..... so I'm going outside, I suggest you do the same.