Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Well, It's that time of year again when I don't really have any races to train for so I get to just ride for fun. So I was planning on taking out my singlespeed today for some dirt jumpin fun. However, I found that my trusty steed wasn't up to the task....


So I grabbed my brother new dirt jump bike he just finished building up last week and headed out to Pammel woods. I like to dirt jump and do some urban riding, but I'm no Mark...I'll usually try about any jump within reason, and that can hurt at times. I took a camera and shot some video to play with and on my last run I hit the 17 footer and landed a bit left and clipped a tree....with my head and shoulder. Now my collarbone is a bit sore as is my left ear. Oh well....I think I'll go riding again tonight...

I need to buy the real version so that it doesn't say that crap on the top...

Good times


bontrag said...

Hey Carney. I din't get any of those eco activist stickers you mentioned, but I did get one tube pretty well plastered with the help of Marc and others (plus I can always layer some more on top). Take a look on my blog.

Rat House Marc said...

That's a huge bummer about your gt. breaking a frame that you've had for a long time can be really sad. Howe's might be able to fix it because it's right on the weld. if you are interested in a new jump specific frame you have about 20 bad ass options. Here are a few:

giant stp - $330

transition trail-or-park - $395

sinister dna - $750

dmr sidekick - $319

dmr trailstar - $339

evil d.o.c. - $450

P.S. sick video.

Unknown said...

hahaha. sorry about your face dude!!! life goes on, ride on.

where is Pammel Woods at??

Rat House Marc said...

I've always been about 36 hole wheels but surly hubs are super solid and those wtb rims are pretty alright.