Thursday, July 19, 2007


Today my roomate Dave and I went for a good ole road ride, I wanted to work on some leg speed so we did some sprint work and basically had a good time out in the sun. Twards the end of the ride we were north of Ames and out of nowhere a dog came running at us. It wasn't barking, but it sure looked mean. However it came to a screaching halt about 10 feet from the road.....gotta love electric fences....phew... my plump legs were safe. No less than a minute later, another dog came at us at a dead sprint.....this electric fence. We both took off at a dead sprint, but neither one of us had much left.....well we must of found something because it was a dog possessed. It wanted lunch and chased us for a few hundred yards. I swear this is what we saw heading straight for out calves:

So if you're ever tired at the end of a ride and need some motivation to do one more hard effort, just look for a pissed off'll find a bit more energy when your calves are in danger of being chomped.

Sure wish I had air conditioning....


Travel Gravel said...

Andrew, Try riding some gravel at night, and then throw in the dog chase scenario! No shit your mind will make the Taco Bell dog seem like Kujo on 'roids! I was out about two weeks ago on Q Avenue in Boone County and was chased a good 150 yards in the dark by some sasquatch sounding thing at about 170th. Adds a little kick to anyone's legs, like you said. Gravel at night is a blast, ever try it around here? Later! Greg Moore, Boone

Carney said...

Oh yeah, night gravel is a good time. You can't see how straight and flat the roads are!! Who knows a hill or curve could pop out of nowhere. Only been chased once at night and it was a football with legs just yippin away.