Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Made it back to Ames at 5:30 AM today
2,400 miles in the car
Lots 'O riding

Got to Grand Junction last Tuesday
Rode around Fruita
It was hot
Next Day we Rode up at the Bookcliffs near Fruita
It was Hot
Thursday we rode Mack Ridge and Troy Built Trails outside of fruita
Lots of rocky climbing
It was hot
That night Stephen got back from work for the week
(He works 4 days a week in the backcountry for the Western CO Conservation Corps)
He took us the the Lunch Loop trail network just outside of Grand Junction
Rode on the Holy Cross trail
Technical bliss
Hit some jumps
Rode till dark
It was still hot
Stephen doesn't have a can opener
So he uses his crampons...
Friday we rode for 4 hours at the lunch loop area again
Rode the Ribbon trail
Then the Gunny Loop
Around 4,000 ft climbing on the day
It was real hot...100++
Spots of walking
But mostly really sweet riding
Headed to Moab on Saturday
Got a shuttle to the top of Porcupine Rim
Rode for 3.5 hours uphill to about 10,000 ft
It was really hot
From there we made a 6,000 ft decent into Moab
50 miles total
3 different trails linked up into one amazing day of riding
Hazzard singletrack to Kokopelli to Porcupine Rim to Moab
10,000 ft to 4,000 ft
6 hours of saddle for the day
Lots of rocks, jumps, drops, fun for all
It was much cooler in the mountains than down in Moab
Dave got a bit sunburned on the climb to the top
Can you tell that he was wearing a camelback???

We hit up the dirt jumps in Moab on Sunday
Dave crashed hard when had a flat
Sunburn must hurt after a crash like that!!
Drove back to Grand Junction
And the AC in Stephens apartment!!

Next race is 24 hours of 9 mile at the end of the month
First 24 of the season
Should be a good mix of fun and suffering

On the other end of things
The job search is going well

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