Friday, June 29, 2007

Who even knew it was light that early??

So I had heard that there were some folks planning on hitting up the Seven Oaks trails early this morning....early morning. So after dragging my butt out of bed at 5 am and wondering why I was getting up so early, I rolled out of my house around 5:20 into the sweet morning air. As soon and I was riding, I had a huge grin on my face because it was friggin gorgeous out. I chose to ride over to the trail which is just over a 20 mile cruise. About half way there the sun came up and revealed an awesome day. I then met up with Cory, Squirrel, Emily, and CVO and rolled out on a few good laps. The trails are in awesome condition for this weekend’s race....I'm pumped!! After that I rode on home.

On the way there I was running a bit behind and chose to ride from Boone to Seven Oaks along highway 30...good wide shoulder....not too bad really. I prefer gravel when possible, but I just didn't feel like going 5 miles south to the next bridge over the DM River and then 5 miles back up. On the way home I rode the same route and stopped in Boone for an was early morning after all. Then back to gravel and back home. All told....55 miles and about 4 hours of ride time all before 10 AM.....not a bad way to start the day!!


mr. f. g. superman said...

If you go North across 30 from 7 Oaks and take a right on 216th into Boone. Take a left on Benton, under the rail bridge then the first right which is 8th street. Take a left on S Avenue (eventually turns east) and that will go all the way to Ames and turn into Cameron School road.

No need to go 5 miles South, unless you want to.

Carney said...

Good to know, Thanks!