Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My kinda race!

So, the next race that I am heading to is the Bufflands Epic Enduro Race in lacrosse WI on the 23rd. They offer a 3, 6, and 12 hour race as well as a single speed race. Everything I've seen says that it is a sweet course and an all around wicked time. The best part.......Entry fee is only $35 for the 12 hour!! That's what I'm talking about!! The fees also go to developing human powered trails in the area so your money won't be wasted. I'd encourage anyone to consider this race as there should be a distance to suit anyones interests!

Check it out!

I'll support a race offering lower entry fees any day, as at many races the entry fees get out of hand. I've been part of organizing the Cy-Man Triathlon in Ames since we started it started 3 years ago. Our #1 goal was to provide a cheap race that give as much as possible back to the racers. I don't get what is so hard about that?? I used to pay over $400 for Ironman entry fees and not get as much back as you do at the $40 Cy-Man race. So, I'd encourage everyone to take a look at this race if you are looking for a good time. I love cheap entry fees!!


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Jeff Kerkove said...

WEMSeries races rock!!! Don't miss the one at Blue Mounds either.