Sunday, June 17, 2007

Endless Highway

So, I ended up staying in Ohio another day so I could spend some more time with Tam and as a result, didn't get on the road until mid-day today. Driving was good, despite not getting ANY good radio stations the whole drive. Usually I can find something good on NPR, but not today. At any rate, I opted for a pit stop in Iowa City and rode for about an hour and a half easy at Sugar Bottom. I've been there once before, and once again, I wasn't disappointed. Although after a long ride yesterday, I was in the mood for just some easy fun trail riding, so that's exactly what I did. Then back into the car, and back home to Ames. It's been a real fun time traveling over the last month, but it's good to be back home and be able to keep my toothbrush in one spot and not in a bag every night! Just shy of 5 weeks away from home and 4,500 miles on the ole car....not too shabby. Now, I just need to do some laundry and get things ready for heading up to Wisconsin this weekend.

My moment of Zen for the day

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