Monday, April 23, 2007

Just needed a little lovin

What a weekend!! I had the 8 hr long Fundamentals of Engineering exam on Saturday which robbed me of most of my usefull brain cells. And then the VIESHEA festivities on Saturday night. Needless to say, I was quite tired on Sunday. So I took some time and gave my bike some much needed love. I cleaned out the pivot points, lubed them, Cleaned up my bottom bracket, replaced the shifter cables, blah blah blab. I need everything in working order for this weekend’s race. Which is looking like I might be riding in some rain...I'm keepin the fingers crossed.

We watched some BMX guys do some demos at VIESHEA, and man can they throw down!!! It was awesome to watch. We also watched some guys to a freestyle motocross demo a few times...65 foot jump + dirtbikes = pretty f-in sweet!!

No riots this year which means I didn't get tear gassed for no reason again...another successfull VIESHEA!! Now I need to start packing and getting stuff together so I can leave for TN on Thursday and do some racin!!

Backflip Anyone???

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