Sunday, March 4, 2007

Snow Ride

Today I headed out for a long ride in the snow on my singlespeed. I was out for a total of 3.5 hours with only a quick stop to change out a flat tire. Most of the bike paths and sidewalks I wanted to ride on were not plowed making for a good bumpy ride. It was almost like some singletrack in spots when I had to follow the path that peoples shoes made. I am hoping that the warmer temps this next week will allow me to ride outside more and not on the devil trainer...keep the fingers crossed.

Bike path behind the middle school

One of the few clear spots in Ames

Pit stop at home to change out a blown tire

Hmm.....I wonder where the leak is??

Only 6 more days till I take of for sunny Utah!!


Carl Buchanan said...

That's quite the hole.

Utah should be a great time.

Carney said...

Yeah, the moab area has pretty much ruined my life, this will be my 10th trip there I think between riding and climbing trips...all told I think I've spend almost 7 weeks there. Oh well, it's better than Ames for sure!!!