Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Back at It

Today I start the build phase of training. It is a 6 week block finishing up just before my first planned major race at the end of April with some peaking just before the event. I am feeling real strong and am looking forward to pumping up the intensity. The weather has been making me want to get outside, maybe a single speed ride is in order for later in the week. I get my cast off tomorrow and I really want them to let me pull the pin out myself. I'm looking forward to being able to tie my shoes once again. I also hope that by the weekend I will be able to do some light riding to get my thumb back into shape....no thumb wars for at least a week though!

I applied for the Fundamentals of Engineering exam that I need to take in April today...$185 for a test!!! It is 8 hours long and I am not looking forward to it at all. However, I really need it to be an engineer most anywhere. Speaking of that, I was in Ohio over the weekend visiting Tam and really enjoyed it...apart from the drive that is. For the first time I drove out of the area in the daylight and saw some great looking hills that I want to ride.

On another note. In my various racing experiences, 24 hr racing is different because you depend on a pit crew to keep you going, in triathlons; you are on your own. So, I would like to thank everyone that has helped me during races. Tam, I couldn't have finished a single race without you. Mom and Pops, thanks for bringing more food than the Vikings could ever eat, and thanks to everyone else who supports me in what I love to do!

Tam rockin the pit, my dad taking a picture as usual, and my brothers arse

The Moab crew, in our pit that was dry for the first 10 min of the race


Anonymous said...

Hey Andrew! Haven't seen you out on the bike since I saw you and your bro at Seven Oaks last Nov.? Oct.? Anyways, you might want to ride with some of the guys over around Ames sometime. Since you're linking Varnum you'll know what's going on as they all link and blog together. If you could get in for Trans Iowa you would kick ass. See you out and around sometime. Later, Greg Moore, Boone

Anonymous said...

Oh, that was my t-shirt design for last years 24/7, nice to see someone outside of the state borders actually wearing one. Got to tie-die them bad boys!

Paul Varnum said...

Greg - That was your design? Sweet! I wear mine with pride.

Andrew - Is Jubil still around? I rode and raced with him some last year. He's a nice guy and a fast guy.

Carney said...

Jubil is still around, he lives in Ames and works down in DM. I don't think he'll be here much longer though.

I agree the t-shirts are sweet.

Also, I would like to do Trans-Iowa but it is the weekend before finals for me and I can't commit to that weekend that far in advance. I am planning on doing a 12 hr race in TN if the timing works though....and I can get a pit crew.