Thursday, January 11, 2007

Utterly Smooth

Today’s ride was made better by Utterly Smooth is much cheaper than chamois cream and performs the exact same. I got out of class today had a quick lunch, made a few phone calls and headed to the triathlon club locker and hit the rollers and trainers for a good 2 hours. I spent most of the first hour re-testing for my lactate threshold which is about the same as over the summer at about 171 BPM. I then spent a little over an hour doing a spinervals climbing workout and doing some good spinning of the rollers. I'm getting pretty good at riding the rollers without hands so today I tried to up the game a bit. Getting an idea from a video that I saw I attempted to do some no handed one foot drills on the rollers. It only took a try or two and I was cranking away. The right leg was far easier than the left, but I whipped them both into shape and had a good time with my new trick. The stats for the ride are as follows:

Ride Time: 2:17
Ave HR: 144
Max HR: 194

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