Monday, January 8, 2007

Ski trip over....Back to Iowa and class

So I'm back from 6 days off the bike and on skis in Winter Park CO. The trip was great, the first 3 days were spent on some good healthy black diamond mogul runs and as much tree skiing as I wanted. I also hit up the terrain parks, but my bag of tricks don't compare to my roommate Dave's. We had a sweet powder day on day 4 and even though I've been riding and lifting a good amount, I sure felt the burn in the steep powder. The combination of 11,000+ feet of elevation and steep terrain made for a good burn in the legs. Oh..and we also ran into an avalanche on the way back home over Berthoud pass. We were the 3rd or 4th car there. Good thing my roomie couldn't figure out the lock box on our condo because he delayed us just enough to miss the slide!!! All told, 7 people were pulled from the avalanche in 2 different cars. Some of them were from Ames with a church group....weird!! So because of the road closures and bad weather, the normal 11 hour drive home took about 19 hours!! Not too much fun.

I got back on the trainer last night for a spin out and the combination of lack of sleep and not riding for 6 days made me feel a little sloppy on the petals so I cut it short at about 45 min. Today however I had a good nights sleep in me and I went to the rec. and lifted for about an hour with all the people who are desperately trying to cut the weight gained after the stuff. I then went for an hour or so ride outside in the kicked my ass and now I'm looking forward to a good dinner. Anyway....overall, it was a good x-mas break and now it's time to get back to class for my final semester!!

Some good tree skiing with the Bro
Yeah..we're extreme...we drink Mountain Dew
Lifts can be rather boring
More Trees
Iowa should be more like this...or atleast have some snow!!
Tam and I are a little special at times
No ski trip is complete without some evening celebration
One word....SWEET!! looks a little deeper ahead
Yup it was.......notice my ski sticking up about 25 feet back!!
Dave showing off
Dave on the rainbow rail that keeps kicking my ass
Good trip...Peace out!!!

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