Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Damn it's Cold!!!

So, when I left for class this morning the wind chill was -25...I'm pretty sure my eyes were frozen before I made it 2 blocks. And to make it worse, I was outside all afternoon for a lab, walking around the woods on icy slopes with a gimp hand bundled in all the clothing I own that can fit over my big mitt cast is not too much fun. However, I have been able to get in some alright workouts over the last few days. Lifting is still great; I just can’t do any upper body work. After I spent nearly 2 hours putting a slick on the back of my stumpy on Sunday I have been able to ride trainer (ever try switching tires without one of your thumbs??..It is prolly the most frustrating thing I've ever done..but after a lot of cursing and 2 pinch flats I got it on) I can ride just fine if I turn the bar to the left so my left arm is a little shorter. It throws my body a little off center, but is much better than not riding at all.

I've been trying to get a group together for the BRR ride this Sat. But, everyone keeps backing out...it's supposed to be a balmy 4 on Sat so I don’t see the problem...nothing some more clothes and some toe warmers can't fix.

Off to bed to get some beauty sleep before tomorrow’s 6 AM weight workout...

Random fact of the day: The longest recorded chicken flight is 13 seconds.

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